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Batman – Shadows of Gotham and Western Comedy Show

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Batman – Shadows of Gotham is a heart pumping action stunt show featuring all your favourite Batman characters from the blockbuster film – Batman Begins. Witness the ultimate battle between Batman, Scarecrow, Ra’s Al Ghul and his evil ‘League of Shadow’ Ninja’s, daily only at Warner Bros. Movie World! The Western Comedy Show is a fun filled, action packed story set in Johnson Town in the heart of the Wild Wild West. Be enthralled as the bungling gun wielding outlaws - Black Bart and his dopey sidekick Jose, challenge the Sheriff of Johnson Town in the final showdown for honour, pride and the love of one woman – the beautiful Belle.

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The shadows of gotham I have seen bits of it and I enjoy it. When the park first opens we get a teaser to the show because there are ninjas running around and batman fights them in a short 2 min fight then they run away. For the actual show, I'm not actually sure what happens but I think Scarecrow (the villian, he has a scarecrow mask) steals something from wanye enterprises and the ninjas do some weird karate dance thing then a cop car comes and the ninjas run and hide and the cop calls batman and batman comes driving the batmobile (I must say it looks pretty sweet to see batman actually driving the car for once.) and they have like a fight scene thing and batman wins, they arrest scarecrow and put him in the police car (its one of the PA cars) then they drive down main street with the sirens going with batman in tow then drive past scooby spooky coaster to the gate in the western area that the parade floats come out of. I'm yet to see the western show but I know it happens in front of the massive wall that is painted to look like the footpath continues on, there are gun shots and they dance the can can.

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