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day at movieworld 26th may.

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Next park on the list was Warner Brothers’ Movieworld, which has always been a favourite of mine, on Monday 26th May. First ride of the day, was Superman Escape, as I was so excited to go on, as I only rode it once when we were in Queensland last time, due to technical difficulties. When I rode I got to go on the very front, which was what I was wanting most! Waiting inline for the first time, we waited for a while, and the train wasn’t dispatching, it was just sitting there, so Im guessing there was some sort of technical problem, or breakdown. We ended up riding SE 3 times. We would have ridden it 4, and we were all strapped in to go, but it didn’t start. We had to keep undoing our seat belts, and pulling down the restraints, which wasn’t making me very confident. The ride operator kept calling up to the other operator, and I heard him say “It just wont dispatch” We had to get off the ride, and wait at the doors, but we could see through the window things that it wasn’t going anywhere. We were told to go off and do other rides, and come back later, but it was almost closing time by that point. We were then told again that they weren’t having any luck, and to go elsewhere. We got to exit through the special exit that leads you from the entrance part to the Superman shop. We rode Batwing twice, which was alright, nothing to get really excited about. My cousin was ready to ride, and he was in his seat strapped in, but then the operator told him because he had an ankle brace that he couldn’t ride unless he got it checked out medically. So, he just took off the brace and came back later, and rode it, and it was fine. Lethal Weapon was awesome, much much MUCH better than I remembered. I only rode it once when in Queensland last, and I HATED it, as it was too rough, I had a headache and I felt sick on it. We rode it 3 times, and I now love it. My cousin and his mate rode earlier in the day before me, and they got stuck on the lift at the beginning, about half way up, and they were apparently up there for at least 10 minutes, before continuing through the ride. I tell you though, there are some absolute idiots who come to these themeparks, and no matter how many times they’ve been told, they still leave stuff in their pockets when going on Lethal Weapon. It annoys the hell out of me, as it only delays the next cycles when they have to keep lifting the restraints. My old favourite, Scooby Doo, was awesome; I think we ended up riding it about 5 or 6 times. It sucked, as we had 9 people in our group, so we always had to split into a group of 4, then groups of 2 and 3, and that happened with Wild West Falls also. Scooby doo was just as I remembered, fun and slightly nerve-wracking on those corners. It was my cousin’s first time, and even though he’s 18, he was freaking out on the elevator! Wild West Falls was good, although I still think that 9 people could squish easily into one carriage, but I suppose they can’t for safety reasons. Have they stopped those water fountain things, in the final splashdown? We did get wet, but I remember getting absolutely SOAKED when those fountains were on. Overall, another good day, but having experienced or seen or heard about 5 breakdowns of rides in two themeparks (Movieworld & WWW) and having been so close to riding SE again, it was disappointing.

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yes it may feel incomplete, but in this cold i would rather not get fully soaked ;)
One afternoon when I was at Movieworld there was pretty much no one there cause it was pouring with rain. My Dad and I decided to go on Wild west and cause there was pretty much no one in the line when went around 5 times without getting off in the pouring rain and howling wind......It was so cold and we got fully soaked. :P

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