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Day at WnW 29th of May

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The weather turned out to be pretty bad when we went, the sun was hardly shining all day, but it made it all the more enjoyable, what with the rain. We rode Surfrider 12 times, and even when the rain started, it didn’t stop us. There were no lines AT ALL, and the operators would run the ride just for one person! The rain was pretty painful when it started to speed up, and I ended up almost completely frozen after it, but its definitely my favourite ride at Wet n Wild. There were no water jets running, but I’m thinking that’s maybe because its almost winter or something, but anyway, I can tell you it was cold enough without the waterjets! We did most slides once, eg. Speed Coaster, Aqua Racer, River Rapids, but didn’t end up going on the Twister, as we were down that side of the park, but it was alternating between Speedcoaster, and so we didn’t end up going back over that side of the park. Mammoth Falls was good, although we didn’t pick up much speed, and I remember it a LOT smoother, as it would bump every time it went over the cracks between each part of the slide. I didn’t ride the Jetstreams, but did the Sidewinders a few times. They should have two person tubes, not just three, because it’s a bugger to lug up a 3 person one for two people. Also, the sooner Wet n Wild puts in a conveyer belt for the Tornado, the better. After experiencing the Green Room and its tube conveyer belt, I think Wet n Wild needs to hurry up and put one in, because those 4-leaf clover tubes are pretty heavy. Are those two-seater tubes still around? Last time I was there in 06 they only had two-seater ones, not the fourleaf clovers. Whoever’s idea it was to put in the ‘Extreme’ Volleyball pitch was a bit of an idiot, as who really wants to go and play around in sand, when youre at a waterpark? Not me. Whirlpool Springs were busy, and in the middle of the day we weren’t able to get ourselves a spa, so we hung around in the wave pool for a bit, in hope of getting a bit warmer. Near the end of the day when the rain began, most people cleared off, so we could get a spa, and who ever thought of putting spas there is a legend, those spas are great… even when its raining. Black Hole was good, but only went on it twice, as again, we couldn’t be bothered to lug up the tubes. The good part of the Black Hole was the temperature of the water, I think it was the warmest water out of all the slides. Good day it was, apart from the rain, but at least it kept the crowds away.

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