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4 hours ago, Naazon said:

I copped 2 fountains on a post thats 10 days old talking about how I would have preferred the Superman queue to interact with the ride instead of standing in a boring shed. No shit its improbable, the rides been standing for almost 15 years. The emote system is really hit or miss but i do love putting the laugh one down on a great joke.

@pin142 and I copped fountains last night (3:23am) from posts in February... do we win?


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4 minutes ago, joz said:

To be fair a fountain is the correct response in that one instance.

I wasn't complaining about the reaction (although there are several other reactions appropriate to that comment, it just depends on who you are) - it was moreso that he's dredged back to FEBRUARY to react to stuff.

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Is vomit reacting over and over the latest annoying repetitve behaviour, to substitute talking about shaded seating over and over?


What will be next?

One thing is for sure, he wont be able to stop himself doing it on this post too.

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Just when you thought that there was a Museum for everything, life comes and slaps you in the face.


The World's First Vagina Museum will open in  London on November the 16th. 

Please see the below link for the full story.


I must admit, when I first read this I cracked up. I mean seriously, a Museum for Vaginas!! But the more I thought the more I could see that there is a hole in the market for something like this. Someone has worked years to get this off the ground, beavering away tirelessly to make it happen. Now it is here and they are ready to pull apart the beef curtain and let visitors enter. Oh i am sure this will have its detractors- there is always someone caught up in a flap but I reckon this will be a massive success.


What do you guys reckon?? 😉


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