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What's with the lack of dark rides in Australia

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I've only been to Movieworld, Sea World and Dream World in Australia but it seems like there's only 2 'true' dark rides. Looney Tunes ride at MW and Bermuda Triangle at SW. While I'm sure that scooby doo spooky coaster could be considered a dark ride I'd class it as more of a indoor coaster. Does Australia have many 'indoor, slow moving, lots of stuff to look at wuith plenty of animatronics' dark rides? Can't wait till feb next year. Going to America for dark ride extravaganza!

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The Big Red Car at Dreamworld, and the Ghost train at Luna Park :P ? I think the reason for the lack of dark rides here is because they are expensive (Easily as much as roller coaster), and very hit and miss (It can be hard to make a good one) I would love a modern dark ride (Multi Motion yada yada yada) since they can be just as enjoyable as a big coaster, but it would be a bit of a leap of faith for a park here to do one (Though if they did I would be the first lining up for it)

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Since when is a roller coaster not classed as a ride? IMO, Scooby Doo is a dark ride... If you like dark rides so much, then just go on Superman Escape and close your eyes? By the same token, is Looney Tunes not a dark ride? Is it a water ride?

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If you like dark rides so much, then just go on Superman Escape and close your eyes?
IMO, Scooby Doo is a dark ride...
Well, it does intersect with that category, because of its slowish section at the start...but Scooby is predominantly a roller coaster, and that is where the bulk of the experience comes from. There is a distinction between themed indoor coasters, and a dark ride. A dark ride however is a specific type of ride, where the main focus is moving through various scenes at a steady pace, often tied together with a story. So Looney Tunes fits into this category. It differs from other boat rides in that the ride system isn't the main focus of the ride. The purest dark rides are dry ones where vehicles follow a track steadily through a building, so in Australia the only ones that fit this strict definition are Big Red Car at DW, and the Ghost Train at LPM. Edited by Gazza
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