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I found this on roller coaster pro, that was found on wikipedia. Possible Expansion Time Warner announced that Six Flags will be merged with Busch Entertainment by next year in 2008, creating "Warner Village Theme Parks". All Six Flags theme parks will be renamed "Warner Bros. Movie World", all Six Flags water parks will be renamed "Warner Bros. Water World", two Busch Gardens parks will be renamed "Warner Bros. Wild World" and three Sea World parks will be renamed "Warner Bros. Sea World", all within the next two to four years. Time Warner will also close other Busch Entertainment parks within the next two to four years. The new "Warner Village Theme Parks" division owned by Time Warner, will feature all classic Warner Bros. cartoon characters, characters from DC Comics universe, and characters from all other Warner Bros. films and television series in either live-action or animation, as they all appear in "Warner Bros. Movie World" theme parks. Six Flags and Anheuser-Busch's division "Busch Entertainment" will disestablish themselves by around 2011." The thing I don't get about this is village is in the name!!! Meaning village would be involved, but if it did happen I don't Time Warner would be involved, Vilage would just use the licence of warner and if Village was involved, why would everything have have warner in front of it!!! I mean its really interesting, busch have sea world, a safari park, village want one and village used to involved with warner!!! Now this is no longer on Wikipedia but its nice to dream, that this is true, and gives everyone something to talk about!!! It seems village have almost set themselves up to own busch as one roller coaster pro member stated If anybody were to take the theme parks, I think I'd be comfortable with Village Roadshow taking over... But even the selling of the theme parks is just speculation right now... I like Village Roadshow because they currently are doing a lot of what Busch already has. They own rights to the Sesame Street, they already have their own "Sea World" (notice the spacing), and they are currently in the works of developing an African themed park (with a savanna) with a dive machine similar to those of the Busch parks. __________________

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