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Ferris wheel construction at SouthBank

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"World Tourist Attractions Australia is proud to announce the arrival in 2008 of a new 60m wheel, in partnership with the South Bank Corporation. The wheel is located at the South Bank in the heart of Brisbane's cultural, lifestyle and entertainment district. After a brief introduction to the facilities available, passengers enter one of the 42 fully enclosed, climate controlled capsules and are gently lifted to a height of 60 meters for a spectacular view of the city. Lasting approximately 13 minutes, the wheel experience also features a commentary pointing out local landmarks. We welcome visitors with disabilities to The Wheel of Brisbane. Wheelchair users please note that the door width is 74cm, however standard wheelchairs are available on site, subject to availability. Tickets can be purchased in person from the ticket office located at the wheel, advanced booking, at discounted rates, is also available via our online system The Wheel of Brisbane at South Bank is owned and operated by World Tourist Attractions Australia Pty Ltd." Pricing: Online: Adult : $13.50 Child (3-12 years) : $9.00 Child (1-3 years) : $1.80 Infant : FREE Private Gondola : $85.50 Onsite: Adult : $15.00 Child (3-12 years) : $10.00 Child (1-3 years) : $2.00 Infant : FREE Private Gondola : $95.00

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See, this is why I hate the copy 'n' paste. When/where is this article from? I first found out about this here on Parkz. and since then it has been repeatedly delayed. So is this just some press release from way back then, or is it actually opening soonish? There is nothing on the South Bank corporation website....a link from where this info is from, or some sort of indication as to whether this is a new update, or old news would go a long way.

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