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Halloween 2008


2008 Halloween Event  

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According to someone in management ticket sales for tomorrow night are not as high as had been anticipated and shifts are being cut back / cancelled accordingly (mine included). If anyone is planning to go it would be a good idea to book online so that if numbers are going to be higher there will be time to get the staff back on the roster... :)

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ALL rides and attractions will be open for the 3 nights including Wild West Falls, also those thinking of rocking up tonight and purchasing a ticket it is probably not a wise idea as numbers a very high and chances are will be sold out at lunch time. But as said above the 2nd night isn't as high but i would pre purchase in order to get your ticket. The night its self from what iv seen yesterday and been told it looks like its going to be a very very good event something I'm sure most people on the site will rave about.

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I was lucky! After reading the post annoucing friday night being sold out, I high tailed it to the myfun site and they still had the purchasing function for friday night available dispite adding a sold out notice on the page and was able to purchase 4 tickets mid yesterday! By the end of the afternoon it was gone. Missed out last year to so looking forward to this year! Jay

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Thursday night for me. Anyone going who wants to meet up PM me. And no, I won't bail - I have done that some days in the past but that was while living with an abusive father (in all senses of the word) so on those occasions really had no choice... most likely NOT going in costume as I haven't had the time to really think about one & I doubt I could get one together at this late stage. Looking forward to the event though, MW improves things every time. Hopefully we will have another 'Rock my World' and Scifi Night too.

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Alright to sum up Halloween last night excellent event best one yet, the new maze this year is a disappointer it is designed for kids with no live actors, and the zombie laser hut will set you back 5 bucks for ten Min's. For opening night the ques were pretty short longest was superman 30 min wait in saying that there was only half the amount there is going to be on Friday. The roof could have been better in some areas but looked really good up the plaza end. They had a band also which created a great atmosphere and finally the fright zone scared the sh#t out of me!!! Wild West closed at 7:30 guests were told it was because it was to quite, that was wrong. the ride closed early as large half of the large lights that were hired for the event did not turn up which left those few that did took a spot in the car park and for when everyone exited the night leaving no light for operators to see on the monitors. Apart from that excellent night iv got some pictures from earlier in the night and before the event i will put on the site.

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I was meant to work Wednesday and Thursday but got called off...So I went as a guest! It was a really great night. The Fright Zone was brilliant, my friends were shaking. Ian, were you the guy at the entrance with the huge gash on the side of your face? The roof looked great with all the lights and smoke and the band was really good too. I'll be there tomorrow night working, should be heaps of fun! Finally, did anyone think the smoke smelt really good...a bit like Churros?

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