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El Cabalao Cablanco

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I wouldn't call it a theme park really. It was basically a picnic area with a few horse shows and stuff. That's how I remember it and it's probably been 15 years since I was there. It went broke maybe between 5-10 years ago and burned down not long after. Few years ago possibly.

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Aww that's sad to hear. I didn't realise it had closed. We used to go there when I was little and always thought it was heaps of fun. They used to have a great waterslide/swimming area. There was this one waterslide which was a completely black tube... very fun and very scary. I can still remember the sound it made when you screamed going down, very echoey. I think they had a train ride too which I used to like. I can still remember the song from the ads "Eeeel Cabalo Blancooo la la laaa" ... I can't remember the words obviously :)

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Yeah their waterslides where awsome with a great swimming hole. If you watched the horse shows they were really great. They also had a train ( i know it doesn't sound much) but had a fun show on the trip. I think it was an family operation and never decided to waste their money re-opening it. They also had some little kids rides. It's a shame that the CHeapo carr government are deciding to let all the tourist attractions fold in N.S.W (El Cabalao Blanco & Wonderland) because the queensland government won't let the parks there close. They even assisted Dreamworld when they were going broke because they wanted to close down.

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That is a good point. The NSW government has done very little lately to help the industry. It's actually one of the points that Stephen Galbraith made. Not that you can trust what he says when he's working for Sunway. But it is a real problem with the current NSW government. Maybe this is worthy of a new thread?

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