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1992 Batmobile at movieworld

Guest Doc Brown

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Guest Doc Brown

My theory on this amazing vehicle is that it was used in Batman Returns, and its also possible it was used in the making of the Batman Adventure the ride film footage, it is fully operational and is a stunt car used for driving and/or chase scenes, i believe thay usually refer to it a the b- car, the a- car is the car with all the bells and whistles etc, this batmobile is missing some engraving details on the body, so i think it is a stunt car. does anyone have any pics of the vehicle actually moving, and/or the interior, i know how to open the canopy of the batmobile aswell by the way, i could do it but i would get into big trouble, you just reach into the intake above the canopy and pull a handle to unlock the canopies lock, then place you hand in the middle of the front of the canopy, and simply lift and pull. i have also discovered that the jet in the rear is also fully operational, you can tell if you look through the intake above the canopy. Does anyone else have any information on this vehicle, i would love to know it.

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