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Gold Coast Magic Mountain

Marc Park

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For the past two weeks the Gold Coast Sun has been running articles about Magic Mountain (on the Gold Coast) in their "Time Machine" section. Up until now the Parkz database has had no information about the park and its rides. I've already created a park entry here and I am wondering if anyone has any information about the rides. Just reply and I'll compile any information into database entries. According to the articles below the park definitely had:

  • Chairlift
  • Castle (magic show)
  • Train
  • Dryslide
  • Chair O Planes (in the picture)
According to other Parkz posts in a couple of discussions (1, 2) the park had:
  • Parachute Drop
  • Plane Ride (now Dora at DW)
  • Double Decker Carousel
  • Dodgem Cars
  • Waterslides

Finally a quick question to Parkz staff. When entering these entries into the database should I enter them as "Chairlift" or "Unknown Chairlift" because a definitive name isn't known? Thanks post-2117-1268552219_thumb.jpgpost-2117-1268552335_thumb.jpg

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Hi all!! I don't really have much more infomation to add about Magic Mountain but I do have two pics that clearly show the park in its prime!! Although it could not match the big Gold Coast Theme parks,Magic Mountain certainly had its own charm and was a good day out for families young and old. It is a shame its gone and it now has a place of honour in Australia's Theme Park history. Cheers Jobe post-30-1268572338_thumb.jpg post-30-1268572377_thumb.jpg

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This is great, I have very fond childhood memories of that place and am kind of sad that it closed before I was really old enough to remember it properly. If they have any more articles it would be great if you could keep uploading them! I remember having a lot from the place in my 'brochure bag' when I was a kid. I remember them adding a large interactive water play zone one year but I never got to go in it before it closed.

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The parachute drop was sold to Wonderland where it operated as Skyhawk until the park's closure, when it was sold and made it's way back to the Gold Coast, to the 'Adrenaline Park' in Surfer's. It is standing but not operational. I also recall that Magic Mountain had an old fashioned theatre in which a pianist played the along to a silent movie. There was also an attraction (at the bottom of the mountain) that I vaguely remember was just an empty room that was dark, you walked in and a flash would go off, that would then leave a lasting silhouette on the wall of whoever was in there. Does anyone else remember this?

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Sorry to bring this topic back from the dead but the two articles I scanned from the Gold Coast Sun have been republished in the Gold Coast Bulletin. Even though we knew the chairlift ended up at Dreamworld, one new fact in the article was that the chairlift was relocated to Dreamworld in the same year that it closed at Magic Mountain (1987). Here are two photos from the new article:


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On my trip going back to the airport on the 777 bus. I saw Magic Mountain apartments. I can see why the castle was over looking on the hillside. The bus drove by so quick I didn't get a chance to take a photo.


Thank you Google. Yes, this sign is what I saw as the bus went by no mistaking Magic Mountain's location (near the Miami high school).

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Didnt want to start an entirely new thread as this on will suffice, but it does bump 12 year old thread !! 

Just found a couple of videos on Magic Mountain Miami which I am pretty sure have not been featured on these pages! Great vision and certainly worth a look!!

The first one is from somewhere between 1983 and 1987 and there are great shots of the Waveswinger and the Parachute Drop

The second video is from a few days in 1987 just before the park closed for good. It was taken by a resident magician who worked there and it provides a fascinating insight into a park in its final days and of the people who worked there.


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The magicians name is Scott Williams. He took over from Arthur Coglan, the original magician. The park mascots were Ramondo the Rabbit and Spellzelda Witchypo. 
The tram shown in the later part of the video I think, went to a fruit farm attraction in NSW. The accelerator pedal was set so physically high that a brick was placed underneath it so you could rest your foot on it when driving. There was a Diesel engine in it that powered hydraulics that then moved the tram. 

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