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Up and coming theme park maintenance

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Up and coming Maintenance Warner Bros. Movie World Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster will be closed from 3 - 16 November inclusive for scheduled maintenance. Batwing will be closed from 17 - 28 November inclusive for scheduled maintenance. Looney Tunes River Ride will be closed from 1 - 14 December inclusive for scheduled maintenance. Sea World The Grand Central Train Tour will be closed 1 May - November 2008 inclusive due to park construction work. The Sky High Skyway will be closed from 8 September 2008 for scheduled maintenance. Dugong Discovery will be closed from 13 October 2008 for renovations. The Cookie Monster Cup Carousel and Grover’s Flight School will be closed 20 October - 30 November 2008 inclusive for scheduled maintenance. Wet'n'wild Surfrider is currently closed for scheduled maintenance. Terror Canyon is currently closed for scheduled maintenance. (Dates and times unavailable Please contact Myfun for and questions on 133 FUN Dreamworld Wipeout, 15th of October to 5th of November inclusive. Motocoaster 8th November to the 11th November inclusive. Tower of Terror, 12th of November to 29th of November inclusive. Giant Drop East, 30th of November to 17th of December inclusive. Nick 'o' Round, 18th of December to 22nd of December inclusive. ALL THOSE WANTING TO SEE THE WALK THROUGH MUMMY ATTRACTION PLEASE GO SOON AS IT IS NEARING THE END OF ITS SEASON. White Water World None currently on scheduel

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