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Dreamworld to get virtual queuing in two weeks time

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Does anyone know if the "refundable deposit" is the 10 dollars for the pass, or if it is an additional fee? Realistically for what the pass is, it is actually looking quite attractive, and whilst still waiting for more details about it, I am seriously considering using one on my next visit. There is nothing worse than waiting in a 20 minute queue for TOT or so, and having my brother sitting down bored ****less at the exit of the said ride, waiting for me before he can go on one of his rides. This system would illiminate most of this problem. And before you ask why he doesn't ride with me, he is mentally disabled, and doesn't ride the scary, loud, fast, and upside down rides.

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Time to reply to my own post. They have since updated the page for Q4U on their website. The deposit is 50 dollars, or an Annual Pass, or a Drivers License, or a credit card imprint, and to use the bot a fee of 15 dollars applies (10 dollars for the bot, 5 dollars for the user).

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I have to say that last time I was at Dreamworld I left at the end of the day really P****d off! Rides were broken! there was hardly anyone in the park but it took FOREVER to get on 99% of rides! I swear the ride operators for the Cyclone Have a nanna nap between cycles! Its really ridiculous! They rob you of your money at the gate and then don't seem to give a damn. I did see a couple of happy staff but everyone else I came across were rude or just did not seem to want to be there! You see in my personal opinion DW Operators have no Sense of Urgency! I Used to LOVE DW it was like my playground! But now, to be honest I couldn't care if I never go back! unless they make some major changes ' So Dreamworld - You know where you can stick your vibrating q4u's! ' this is one of the best things iv'e heard before................... Look after your staff, Your staff look after the customers, the customers look after the shareholders!

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