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Hard Rock Park not re-opening EVER!


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Hey, I just read that Hard Rock Park isnt re-opening at all now after its ordeal with bankruptcy...pretty interesting that no other firm wanted to buy it, like there wasn't a single bid on it. Now all the Parks Rides and that are gonna get sold off I guess. Oh wouldn't it be great if movie World brought the Led Zeppelin coaster, and it has all the built in speakers and all so it would be awesome for movie world, I guess dreams are free :P anyways, just thought I would bring it up. zane.

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If only! Still, never say never. It's a shame because it was a cool concept for a park. Maybe just the wrong location. But I would have loved to get at least one visit in. :( WVTP should do a rock and roll themed thrill park , around Sydney or Melbourne and grow it gradually after a halfway decent launch lineup. I'm not expecting much on the scale of LZ at the beginning but say have 1 major coaster with a couple of other smaller ones then add to that over time. Even having a general music theme would be a nice counterpoint to their 'movie park'. Appealing to mass market and great theming/ride possibilities.

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I'm going against the grain here, but the park never stood out much to me. OK granted Led Zeppelin and Moody Blues: Nights in White Satin sort of fit into the hard rock theme, and Maximum RPM looked interesting. (Though even then the only thing Moody Blues had going for it was the "WFT factor") Everything else on the other hand were just off the shelf rides that had some sort of rock and roll related pun for a name, but weren't in themselves rock and roll themed. At the same time you could say the park had a fairly "adult" theme, yet the majority of the line-up were kids rides. All this said, I wouldn't mind if WnW picked up the Slippery When Wet coaster (PS, how does "Slippery When Wet' relate to the Hard Rock theme?

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adults dont want to ride a ride thats based around on a kids TV show more than a few time.
But, are they really target adults with their children rides? I do however agree with your statement about them not needing anymore rides in WB Kidz yet.
Adults decide whether a family goes to a park, more likely to go if theres a brand new wooden roller coaster or something
I know where your coming from but, I think a majority of adults actually pay attention to the amount of kids entertainment in each park when choosing one to visit, especially if they have younger children. After all they are the ones who will be looking after them and want to have many options as possible in which to keep them entertained. Cheers :)
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It's abit of a shame really to see such a new park open only to close within only a year of operation and now the owners have a huge debt to pay granted they took the risk. I will be very interested to hear hear which parks end up with the rides sold off.

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I really didn't want to start a new thread for this, so I realise I am bumping an old one a REALLY old one, but obviously the park is still closed and still nothing has happened with the park.

I've just been wondering if the park were to sell off the rides if we could pick up Led Zepplin/Time Machine. I've read reviews that said it was in the middle, wasn't great, but wasn't bad either and thought this could be Australia's chance to pick a new massive coaster and a B&M a cheap price.

Now I would be thinking with how old this ride in a closed park it would be in bad shape, but its still looking really good, even the paint hasn't faded that much.



There's some other good photos a dead, deescalate and weed overgrown park. It has a really eery feeling to it IMO, but the entrance really did look nicely done.


It sure is a photogenic coaster, the only problem is its not for sale, an article recently states lights have been turned on around it but they claim its for preventative maintenance.

With the condition the ride is sitting in, and the park, I don't know whether they hold out hope for it to reopen, or are keeping rides in their condition to sell them to make some of the money they lost.


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there are no real indications that Hard Rock Park are selling anything at the moment

In the last couple of days it has surfaced that all the rides from Hard Rock/Freestyle Music Park are for sale on Ital International. Unfortunately there are no prices up, so irrespective of shipping, we don't know if Led Zeppelin/Time Machine is even in the ballpark of one of our parks.

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Yeah I saw that the rides were available. It would be fantastic if some of our parks could benefit from some of the rides on offer ( LPS and LPM I am looking at you!!) Honestly Dreamworld would be the most logical park for the Led Zeppelin B&M- I can't see Village getting 2nd hand rides at this point in time. Also Aussie World would be a great candidate for some of the flats on offer!!

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