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Heyy plzz reply to me about what you think of this help- To make waterfalls in RCT3 you make a SQUARE shaped lake and fill to top with water.For a start make the lake 10x10.Directly next to it make a Square elevation quite high up keeping it 10x10.Now it gets tricky to explain.Reduce the size o the squares to 8x8.on the elevated square make your 8x8 grid go on top in the middle and drag down so there is an even hole in your cliff thingy.fill that with water.now somewhere like under ur water tool is waterfall tool.click the waterfall button.now with your cursor in the shape of a waterfall click on the elevated water body and directly after that click on the bottom body.It will tell if u havent made the top body high enough or if the bodies are to small.if the waterfall creates then its good. NOTE:you cannot build waterfalls on a waterbody that has a ride on/in it(e.g. rowing boats) Too hard to understand?If you have Soaked!Expansion pack then go into the game tutorials and go under the Soaked! section and do the tutorial that helps with waterfalls. Adventure World...Its a SCREAM! ;)

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