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AiRush Vertical Wind Tunnel/Skydiving Simulator

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The $7 million three-storey flying attraction, AiRush, will open at Chevron Renaissance early next year. Coming Soon to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Australia’s newest and most spectacular Attraction… the country’s first and only 3 Storey Vertical Wind Tunnel/Skydiving Simulator for everyone to experience the exhilaration and master the art of “Bodyflight” The glass-covered attraction, on Elkhorn Avenue, will feature multiple overhead fans that create a wall-to-wall stable airflow through the flight chamber. The same ride exists in Orlando, Florida and known as SkyVenture SkyVenture is the company who make them There pretty fun. I did the one in Genting world in Malaysia. Huge crowds of people gather to watch it. Article: http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2009/0...coast-news.html Website: http://www.airush.net/index.html# Youtube Video:

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Does not anyone else find find this exciting? its a great addition to the Gold Coast.... no one made any response to it
I checked out the video and it looked fantastic. I was surprised to see how cheap it really was $88 which gives you the equivalent of 3 skydives which collectively would be worth over $600. What a great experience I personally would love to try it, to fly with no strings attached and have minutes of free fall is like a dream come true though how does the free fall thing work seen as you aren't really free falling just being pushed up in an air chamber. Nice find Matt :)
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^Well, it isn't opening for about 12 months, so it's not like you will have 'just missed it' in March. It looks like a pretty cool attraction for Surfers....to be honest I have wondered why it hasn't turned up on the GC already, as it is sort of a perfect fit for the area.

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