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Tropical reef snorkel

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Depends. If your a swimmer, an animal lover and love to listen its your thing. I did it in 2006, and came out feeling a bit disappointed. Because of all the liabilities you spent majority of the time briefing and debriefing spending a total time of 20 minutes in the water. I was disappointed a little, the time I had in the water was good, but nothing beats the real thing. If its your first snorkel with tropical fish than its a good introduction.

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Is this in the same pool that was the shark snorkel? We did this a couple of years back (2003 i think?). Mickey is right, there is a lot of liability stuff, and little time in the water, but personally, 20 minutes circling that small pool was enough. Not that it was tiring - just that when you snorkel the same area 10 or 12 times, you tend to have seen it all. Im currently in the middle of a PADI certification, so next time I book an experience, it will be a scuba dive. Personally, I am in support of all the animal experiences. It is both educational for the guest, fundraising for the park and it's marine wildlife efforts, and is one of the few places in australia where you can experience these things in a relatively controlled atmosphere. I did my first animal encounter when I was just 11 years old, and have worked my way through quite a few. The scuba and trainer experiences are the only ones left on my list.

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Yup sure is. Shark Encounter is the name of the experience. Although they use an acrylic cage as apposed to the traditional steel cage. It kind is fairly expensive but the money does go to good causes as said by Alex. You get to choose between a snorkel OR an exterior line scuba (license needed to use line) and basically just watch the sharks get fed. I'm doing the Dolphin swim this year, it is the most expensive but apparently worth it. Time will only tell.

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