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i visited luna park sydney today (16/4/09) and had a great day. The park was quite busy, had a few long waits for some rides. The Go Wild pass for only $30 seem to attract many people. A great alternative for the expensive easter show! Heres my final lowdown: Highs: -Great carnival atmosphere -I found the Spider, Ranger and Wild Mouse very good rides. -$30 all day pass is a bargain Lows: -Staff, for the tumble bug in particular, are very slow at loading. Something i cant understand is the worker loading each car separately, locking down the restraint, which takes time, and then again, that same worker and the other worker on it, both checking the restraints again. Is checking each restraint 3 times necessary? -low capacity on Wild mouse. Cant be helped, as i dont think they have that many trains. So ye, my day was good. and, the wild mouse did happen to break down today. A train got stuck just after the first bend off the chain lift. The did get it moving, some technician climbed up and fixed it all. Any thoughts or comments, id love to hear them!

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Yeah, I thought lunapark would be busy. Some families cant afford to get to the Eastershow so Lunapark is a good alternitive. As much as I dislike the place, $30 is a pretty good deal and I can see why so many people are choosing to visit. $30 At the eastershow will get you in + one ride. Ouch. Ive been to the Eastershow 3 times now and yeah, my wallet is feeling alot lighter since before the holidays. Haha. And yeah, wild mouse is pretty low capacity which sucks, but its a pretty quick ride. It sucks how you wait about 20 minutes for this 30 second, quite tame coaster when you can wait the same amount of time for a coaster such as Xcelerator. Blah.

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Eh. I've thought the same about the Tumble Bug loading but it's the same on every ride - every person working on that ride checks your safety restraint. Ferris Wheel - both doors are checked in view of the operator Tango - all bars checked by every staff member Spider - all bars checked by every staff member Dodgems - all belts checked by every staff member i'm pretty sure it's to cover LPS's bases, to be triple sure that the harnesses are locked. Don't blame LPS for that. Blame liability laws. Tumble Bug is an old bastard ride which takes forever to load for a hundred different reasons. Not much we can do to go faster. When I'm working there I have to let people in, unlocked their bar, balance the ride out, and then make sure each bar is locked. Have a think about it before you complain, lol.

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