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News Article from http://www.news-mail.com.au/story/2010/10/...-bowden-family/ Dated 14th October 2010 Big Pineapple to become car museumICONIC tourism attraction the Big Pineapple has been sold to a family who will turn it into a Mecca for Australian motor sports enthusiasts. The Bowden family, of Buderim, will showcase their collection of Australian motor racing history within the existing buildings, retaining the Big Pineapple which has been the dominant feature for almost four decades. Patriarch David, a share trade adviser who buys and sells historic race cars as well as running a car care products division which carries the family name, has built up Australia’s finest collection of vehicles. It includes cars raced by Allan Moffat and Dick Johnson. The collection includes Moffat’s famous bright red Coca-Cola 302 Trans-Am Mustang, first raced in 1969, and the vehicle Johnson was driving when he hit a rock in the 1980 Bathurst race, sparking a wave of public support which saw donations of $70,000 flow in to get him back on track. David’s sons, Chris and Dan, will refurbish the Big Pineapple’s tired facilities before reopening. Both have lived on the Coast all their lives and were frequent visitors to the attraction in its heyday. The family have been in close talks with the Coast council about their plans and are looking forward to re-opening with full facilities, including food service. Pineapple sundaes, part of the DNA of the place, would be retained on the menu. The aim is to have the revamped attraction open for the start of the Christmas holidays, but delays in taking possession and the amount of work that needs to be done would make that a challenge. The sale includes the 80 hectare parcel of land that includes the Big Pineapple site and continues through from Nambour Connection Road to the Bruce Highway, and land containing car parking on the southern side of Nambour Connection Road. Spokesman Guy Gibbons of Bennett Carroll Solicitors said the takeover announcement would put an end to rumours that the site would be redeveloped as a retirement village or for subdivision. “This will preserve the site, retain the Pineapple and give the community something to be proud of,” he said. “And it will mean local jobs. “The family is absolutely thrilled with the outcome. “They have been holding small showcase events of some of the vehicles but have been looking for somewhere to open up the collection to the public.” As many as 40 cars from the family’s collection would be on display at any one time. Mr Gibbons said the old pineapple and macadamia nut attraction had remained a drawcard due to its longevity but was well past its best. Websites were littered with disparaging remarks by international tourists left unimpressed by their visit to the attraction, which sits on the Nambour Connection Road just past the Bruce Highway entrance to Maroochydore Road and south of the Woombye turn-off. The Big Pineapple hadoperated in receivership for the past two years. Farmland around the attraction has been sold separately.

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