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helicopter crash Dreamworld car park

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^ yea but isnt the helicopter leasd out to a company that has dozens of choppers? Thats why there is consistantly a different chopper there. I feel sorry for the people who load and unload the chopper the person would have been watching it come into land, fail, then crash.
This statement was from Mr Caulfield who is the director of James Technologies, the company contracted by Dreamworld to provide joy flights. According to him they have just one helicopter. But I think they would lease a helicopter from another company.
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Upon seeing those photos i will retract my previous statement of the possibility of the aircraft being repaired.... I will admit i had not seen any photos of video of the crash before hand so was not aware of the extent of the accident. Even if they only have one helicopter, it would have to be insured. So its really just a matter of ringing Bell and ordering another.

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you'd be surprised. The lightweight aluminium used in a lot of the construction is still worth a bit, not to mention the majority of core components (engine etc) would still be salvageable. Of course the only way it would fly again would be if you put a rocket under it - but still...

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