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What's WWW like in winter?

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Has anyone been to WWW in winter? I'm wondering what it's like. When i went on cyclone at dreamworld there was hardly anyone at WWW so it might be a good time of the year to go!
i guess it would be a bitch to get out of the water. you should just man up like the lifeguards there, i watched them (from the cyclone queue) walk through the water on a cold morning and get out not shaking at all or even bothering to get a towel or anything to warm up. the stupid thing was though, she was wearing a large jacket....but didnt take it off to get in the pool lol
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I once went to WWW for half the day during winter. Was quite good. Got on all of the rides in a very short space of time. The only line that had more than 10 people in it was the SuperTubes. However, it was very cold and you need to think about if you'd enjoy it or not. Would you rather stand in line nice and warm or walk around the park (out of a line) freezing.

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I went to WnW and WWW in May last year, and it was pretty chilly around that time, but I can safely say that I enjoyed myself a lot at both parks. No lines whatsoever, and if you can get over the cold and you can race fast enough to each ride without freezing yourself to the bone, it's really fun. Even better when it starts bucketing down and you just float around the wave pool, with the whole pool to yourself. :D

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We went to both WnWW and WWW in July this year. Lines were short and we had a great time. The heated water doesn't help much (except maybe in the pools, which I didn't go in), but then again you're not standing around in line shivering so it doesn't matter. The days were between 19 and 24 degrees from memory. Note that some rides might not be open in winter, while others might be on a "closed one hour, open one hour" rotation, due to the low numbers. WWW didn't actually have any on rotation the days we went, but I saw the signs so it must happen sometimes. WnWW had a number of rides on rotation, and one pair of "River Rapids" slides were shut. The WWW Cave of Waves was shut but we didn't care because the kids had been in the similar thing (Wave Pool) at WnWW. If you're got a 2 park pass (DW/WWW), and want to go into DW after, get a locker inside DW, because WWW shuts at 4.00 in winter but DW stays open until 5. I found myself carrying a bag of wet swimming gear while the kids took a few final rides at DW after 4.00.

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