Daredevil Dirk Auer skates down rollercoaster

4 posts in this topic,2831...5002900,00.html A THRILL-seeker has set a new world record by in-line skating down a rollercoaster in Germany. Donning specially designed skates, Dirk Auer, 36, chose the Trips Drill theme park in Stuttgart, Germany, as the site for his daring feat. Gallery Wild: Australia’s best rollercoaster rides While speeding down the 860-metre rollercoaster Mr Auer, from Frankfurt, reached speeds of 85km/h. It took him just one minute to reach the end of the track. "This was a very dangerous stunt because there were so many factors to consider,” Mr Auer told The Sun. "If the skates were to catch a stray nail then I could have fallen and I would almost certainly have died." Mr Auer also has a world record for reaching speed of 305km/h while being pulled along behind a Porsche.

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I do love the gallery link in there though - Australia's Best Rollercoaster Rides #1 - Giant Drop (I thought this was Australia's best rollercoasters? #2 - Tower of Terror (well ok, but I don't see how it ranks #2) #3 - The Claw Rolle.... WTF? #4 - Corkscrew... hmmmmm #5 - Superman Escape (which obviously isn't better than TOT or The Claw....) #6 - Mick Doohan MotoCoaster (For 55 seconds you can fantasize about winning a Moto GP. - Yeah Right) #7 - Cyclone (Extreme factor: Height + speed + loop = rush. Rush - Poor waiting and load time = Let Down) #8 - Lethal Weapon (thats about right) #9 - Wild West Falls (here we go with those roller coasters again - even though they call it a log boat ride?) #10 - Batwing rollerc... (oh - right) #11 - LPS Wildmouse (huh?) Ok - so the gallery writer had no idea what he was talking about, came up with a name and then realised it was going to be a stretch to get that many "rollercoasters", and promptly filled it out with flats. What was more interesting to me, is News Limited, the host of the new article, who are viciously protective of their own copyright, posted a youtube video next to the news article, which has since been removed by YouTube due to copyright infringement claims made by dirk auer!

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LMFAO. Whoever wrote that clearly hasn't ever been to Australia / been on any of our rides. I guess they were just showing our top 12 rides and coasters and water rides seem we dont even have enough coasters to even actually make a top 5.

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