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The cyclone was down for around 40mins today. Not sure why. One of the tower of terror ops said they had to winch it back for something. Tower of terror overshot the station too and was closed for around ten to fifteen minutes. Sent one car out around 3kmh then pulled it back to test it. Motorcoaster was running two trains all day. Park is still pretty empty. Going to watch tigers now. -- i was also on the tower of terror during an emergency stop. it was fun. we took off like normal, then started slowing down about half way. we managed to get about half way up the ramp before rolling back. we go 90% of the way back then started slowly moving forward again, then being winched back to the station and being manually parked there. they reset the computer and sent us back up again at full speed and we went higher up the tower (a lot closer to the breaks than normal) apparantly one of the sensors lost track of the car and shut off the power during launch

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