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Puzzle Park, Murray Bridge SA

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Does anyone know what's going on at Puzzle Park? Their website says "closed for redevelopment". Is it just the website that's closed or the actual park? If it's the park then what are they actually doing? Are they doing anything that might represent a substantial improvement? I've always thought Puzzle Park and Greenhills have a lot of unfulfilled potential, and both are ideally located and have plenty of land and could become fully fledged theme parks (obviously would take a lot of investment). If even just one of them were to install a few decent themed rides, or better yet a waterpark, to me that would take living in Adelaide up to an entirely new level and also make South Australia a genuine attraction for international tourists. The owners of these parks obviously don't have a lot of spare money to invest but it's a real shame something can't be done about it.

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I remember seeing that on the website. They give a phone number to call, and I have been meaning to ring them for kicks to find out what they are doing, I guess I am sort of interested since I lived in the town for 8 years. I can remember being really excited when they built the water slide, I was about 6 at the time, and whenever we drove past I would make sure I sat on that side of the car, and would kneel on my seat to get a good view of it under construction. ....Ahhh, so thats how I got into all this. I too reckon a small water park would be fun...Adelaide does get really hot in the summer, so a seasonal operation catering to local day trippers would be great IMO.

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