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How many times have you been on Superman Escape?

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just adding quickly - was at mw today - two trains on superman, 5-10 minute wait! was awesome!!! no flood scene however :(
I went a few weeks ago, just after school went back and the queue was fairly short (20 - 30 minutes) but they only had 1 train running. IMO they should run 2 trains to move the queue along rather than thinking 'well it's not school holidays so we only need 1 operating'..... At least all the effects were working the way they should again. :)
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Never kept count of how many times I went on the ride, but went on it for the first time in 2 years on Saturday... Almost as good as the first time at 10:00am on Boxing Day 2006... No I don't count how many times... but I do remember the first... Especially when it was the first public train to leave the loading dock.

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