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Knotts berry farm incident

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Late last week 12 year old boy got his leg lacerated when a cable snapped on the famous roller coaster Accelerator at the park. This then caused for the ride to do a roll back in which it went back over the snapped cable and the cable flung up between two trains in which caught contact with the boys leg lacerating it. Got a email about it from my mate Damien who works in the park and is part of the Accelerator crew he said this is a very common thing though hasn't caused huge damage as such till now. link bellow shows on ride footage which was taken and can be purchased after riding the attraction. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGJGl4SfKCg...feature=related (Advice taken havn't posted in a while got used to my sloppy Face Book post's and it woul;d help i suppose if i read over it was kinda in a rush at the time.)

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Come on Klassen, you've been here long enough to know that you should write your posts properly. Anyone else notice that the seat the boy is sitting in actually gets dislodged at 0:14. Kind of funny that somebody was actually sold the footage and it made it onto the internet (Either that or an employee made a DVD)

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