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its never necessary, but its always useful to see more of the park unless you only want to do certain rides and maybe only a couple of time each. but it all depends on the day, it may be quiet making it worthless, but it might be busy, you just never know. i personally always get the q4u just to see more of the park and i'm not really patient waiting in lines :P

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I'm going up to the gold coast on the 19th of sept. (which I believe is the start of Queensland school holidays). I'm planning on renting a q4u for my brother and I, but I really haven't heard much about it. I'd imagine Buzzsaw's line to be extremely long, being its first week of official operation. Getting the q4u for that ride alone will probably be worth it because of its terrible capacity lol So I was just wondering if anyone has used it, and what are your thoughts about it? Also with how it works: when your little device tells you it's time to ride, do you just rock up to the claw, for example, and immediately get on the next cycle? Or is there a small line for q4u users? And also, Because these things are limited, is it better for me to pre-purchase the q4u over the net, or at the park when I arrive in the morning? Thanks =)

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On a busy weekend or school holidays there is some merit to getting them, but if you are going on a weekday (non school holiday) you are just wasting money. I went on Friday last week and apart from about a 20min wait on TOT2 i didnt wait longer than 5 mins for any ride. Dreamworld isnt THAT big that you cant get everything seen/done in a regular day.

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