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Why do some american parks close for long periods for time?

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Just looking at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandusky,_Ohio#Climate The average maximum temperatures in the closed months: November: 9 C December: 3 C January: 0 C February: 2 C March 7: C April 13: C Barely any people would go because its too cold, a bunch of stuff like the water rides wouldn't operate, they'd need extra staff to clear snow off the pathways, and the lubricants on coaster wheels tends to seize up a bit so there is the risk of stalling.

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I spent last Saturday at Six Flags Great Adventure and the temperature didn't get above 5 degrees all day. It was freezing cold, miserable and Kingda Ka was bordering on ridiculously painful. If I wanted that experience, I would have got people to slap me in the face with bags of frozen peas while sitting in a supermarket freezer!

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