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Do the "higher ups" listen?

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Saying "go tell guest services" simply because you disagree with the opinions expressed is a copout. For the record too, you might find that the higher-ups that actually have the power to change things would get feedback and opinions far quicker through Parkz than they would through the usual guest services channels. Whether they'll listen in either case though is a whole other discussion...
I searched and searched the forums, and couldn't find a "do the higher ups listen" discussion that Richo discussed - so I thought i'd make one. I can think of some instances where discussions on here have suggested remarkably similar things to what was eventually done by the individual parks, but when I try for specifics, I couldn't think of too much. I'm interested in examples \ quotes or other pieces that have been talked about online. And i'm not talking a rumor turning out to be true, i'm talking about a solid - this is broke - here's my suggestion on how to fix it - that actually got implemented. The only one that comes to mind at the moment is the talk about the plastic doors on HWSD that got replaced with solid ones. Any others? Edited by AlexB
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^ My advice would be to take a photo of something that's both easily fixable and that's been broken for a while, post it here and see if it gets fixed. I don't know if posting ideas on how to fix something would be of much/any use, but showing photos of exactly what is broken might well be.
My advice would be go and become a shareholder, as lets face it, these are the people that these "Higher Ups" are supposed to listen to first and foremost before anyone else in the chain. The goal of a corporation is first and foremost to maximise shareholders returns. Then you can get up at the AGM and say "I went to (insert theme park here) and I noticed that the (insert ride here) was looking very rough and worn out. What are you going to do about that?" And of course you will probably get looked at oddly by the board and everyone else there. Hey if you have enough money, you can buy enough shares that you can get a seat on the board, and start telling the "Higher Ups" what to do yourself.
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