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New possible 'upcharge' attraction

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So I was at Wet and Wild the other day (Friday last week) and they were finalising a new attraction in the front of the park opposite guest services under one of the front 'gazibos' this was a typical carnival ride where you hit a block with a hammer and lights along a large tower light up in association to your hit. This is quite a tall attraction possibly higher than the entrance building. Also the path at the front (small bridge) is getting widened. New to the forums, only second post I believe but I thought I'd give you guys a heads up for the summer holidays.

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I did actually see this last friday when I was there. For those familiar with wonderland (or any ekka\easter style show) it's called High Striker. It's a standard carnival\strongman attraction (I wouldn't be surprised if it IS the one from wonderland, it looked pretty similar). Standard sideshow games. Obviously the games at MW are working well and they've decided to branch out. It's not really an "upcharge" attraction, just a sideshow game. Win a prize style thing. For those that haven't seen these things at the easter show \ ekka etc, here's what the base looks like. Can't find a pic of the top. Also attached - you tube video - gives you an idea of the sounds. For those of you who went to wonderland - you could hear Striker down by snowy if it was a clear and quiet day. i hope WnW tone down the volume, because that thing is damn noisy. Looked like they were having electrical problems with the head (score) unit - they had sparkies there working on it in a cherry picker.

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