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Hi all. I'm going to the United States in May. I will be visiting Star Tours, for the first and last time..until the sequel ride is opened. I would just like to talk about Star Tours, and see if anyone has any interesting facts, stories and information. Lets Talk :D

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As weird as it may sound, for me my favourite part of it was the queue, just because it was really detailed and effectively pulled off the feeling of being in a space port. my favourite part was the suspended baggage carousel with baskets carrying bits of equipment. I think the only weird fact I know about the ride is that the robot at the boarding gate used to be a goose or something from Splash Mountain. Warning: plug ahead: http://www.parkz.com.au/photos/US/Anaheim/...380-Star-Tours/ http://www.parkz.com.au/photos/US/Orlando/...507-Star_Tours/

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Interesting facts and stories? Well - it depends on what you term interesting. I know of quite a few places to source disneyana and disney factoids, and here is a few: Hidden Mickeys Is a site dedicated to identifying some creative designers, in employing the three circled "mickey" silouette in unusual and unlikely or just plain creative places. Most disney parks (naturally) are quite full of intentional mickeys. There are also some that are just plain accidents. Here is the HiddenMickeys.org Star Tours (Anaheim) page.

Outside of the Star Tours building, the wall painting of the Star Speeders in space, if you look at the top part of the wall painting there is a bottom half of a big planet, and two other small planets on the bottom right and left of it, it looks like a giant hidden Mickey, you can see it perfectly. REPORTED: Douglas Urquilla 21 MAY 99 When you first enter the part of the line where you're actually in the building, look at the StarSpeeder. It has obviously suffered some intergalactic damage. Three burn marks on the side of the Speeder form a stretched out Hidden Mickey! My brother first told me about this. Every time I go on it, I say it to whoever I'm with rather loudly so that everyone around me will hear. REPORTED: hannah 25 MAR 06 While waiting in line for Star Tours, look up at the moving baskets that have all the parts in them. Basket #DLB0406 has a hidden Mickey made of a solid sphere for the head and the ends of two pipes for the ears. REPORTED: Andrea Harris 06 NOV 97 On Star Tours in the queue line, where the moving baskets are, the Hidden Mickey that is supposed to be in basket #DLB0406 is either not there anymore or it is very hard to see. Six of my friends and I looked hard for it and couldn't find it! Either they moved it, the person who reported it got the wrong basket number, or it is so hidden that we couldn't see it. LOST: TRMHatter 19 MAR 01
There are obviously many more in this list, but it's just too long - check out the website! Another of my favourite Disney references which I refer to quite often (and have mentioned on here before) is the Mouse Tales, and More Mouse Tales books by David Koenig. (It's published by bonaventure press, and is available to order from Borders, as well as many online book stores such as Amazon.) In "More Mouse Tales" is the following little factoids
Star Tours replaced Adventure through Inner Space in 1985. Four actual flight simulators - called star speeders - shake, jerk and whip passengers around as if they're on a poorly navigated trip through space. The ride is so turbulent, the speeders occasionally get cracks in them. Guests can get the most exciting ride in the back row toward either end, since the seats are most off centre.
This one comes from the original "Mouse Tales"
Names of other important Disneylanders are stenciled on crates floating in the jungle cruise river, boxes on the mark twain dock, and kegs at big thunder railroad. On Star Tours, designers' initials and telephone extensions are printed on the industrial pipes lining the walls near the entrance. Others who worked on the ride have their initials and birthdates on labels on the baskets moving robot parts along an overhead conveyance system.
That should get you started. Micechat is also another great resource for disney info, and it might be a good idea to check them out as well.
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Thankyou guys :) It was really nice of you. I love all of the hidden bits and oddities. Very cool. I can't wait to go, however it is said that it will be the first AND last. I will try to get as many pics and as much video as possible. Most of all, I will try to enjoy it as much as I can. Once again, Thankyou gentleman. I just thought it might be fun to talk about Star Tours and share opinions. :) -Spencer

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