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Best Roller Coaster Poll 2009

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The results for the 2009 Best Roller Coaster Poll are in. This is how our coasters were ranked. Full results can be found here for steel coasters and here for wood coasters.

149 Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster 197 Surf Rider* 216 Tower of Terror 249 Turbo Mountain* 257 Eureka Mountain Mine Ride* (Believe it or not it is still included) 315 Corkscrew / Sea Viper 319 Silly Serpent* 329 Cyclone 337 Metropolis* 343 Rugrats Runaway Reptar* 346 Lethal Weapon - The Ride* 358 Diamond Python*

*based on grouped rankings Both Mick Doohans Motocoaster & Superman Escape appeared in a section titled "Winning percentages of those coasters on fewer than 10 ballots" and were not given a rank. This is understandable for MDMC, but for SE? I had a look at the ballot and Jet Rescue was not included this year. It was however mentioned as a late entry and will be included in the 2010 ballots. It had "too few riders take the poll to have any valid comparisons this year". Outside Australia, the number one steel coaster was

and the number one wood coaster was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQfTykPAQFs. Edit: Removed Volare Edited by themeparkgc
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You can read the individual ballot. I know of at least one person who took the poll, but missed out on Superman because it was closed when he was visiting from the US. I did actually post about this earlier, but for the non ranked coasters you can still look at the win/loss ratio to get a ranking.

Superman got 0.9091, which would have put it 31st, ahead of Top Thrill Dragster (31), but behind Storm Runner (30) Scooby got 0.5860, which would have put it at 150th. Motocoaster got 0.0909, which would have put it 356th out of 368...Just one spot ahead of the Vekoma SLC collective ranking (And hence, Lethal Weapon).
364 Volare*
Huh? We don't have a volare here. I actually sent an email to Mitch to get Jet Rescue on. At the checking stage all ballots are published then too...Spotty was the only other person who took the poll and rode it, but still our two votes weren't enough to give a meaningful placement.
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^ Sorry I missed your post Gazza. According to the favourites section in this text file, the Volare is located at a park called 'Wiener Prater'. I'd never heard of it but I thought I'd include it as it says AU in the country column and it could be in Australia. After checking the parks name on RCDB the park is in Austria and should be marked with AT instead of AU. I've sent an email to Mitch to see if he would fix it ready for next year.

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