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TURBO: TR, Photos and Video!

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Hi guys, for those who don't know, the turbo is out near Fox Studios along with a few other rides to the 31st Jan. I took a trip out there with my brother to get a ride on this apparent god-like ride. Two friends of mine, Dave and Huss Rainbow (Chris) hyped me up about this ride, but I had my doubts if the ride was even there or not.. 4.00pm: My video camera and Canon Powershot A200 have been charged, ready for snapping. Ryan (my brother) was to come along with me. 5.15pm: We arrive at Fox Studios. Ryan and I decide to take a little walk through the place as I have never been there before. I think this place really does have the potential to be transformed into the next WB movie World. As soon as I walked into the place, I had a feeling as if I were really in WBMW, all that was missing was the street parades and rides. Fox Studios was unfortunately dead though, despite the large range of food and retail shops that not even West Fields shopping centres could match. After our stroll, we headed for the little pathetic excuse for a carnival, which was just across from Fox Studios. 5:30pm: We buy 25 tickets for $20, and headed straight for the main attraction, Turbo. We actually had to wait quite a while because the disgusting, rude and smelly carny's weren't paying any attention to who was queuing up for rides etc. That probally was because that only 4 people were on the site of the carnival (Ryan, myself and another couple). 5:35pm: I enter one of Turbo's tight little "hamburger" cages, and instantly notice how uncomfortable the cages are. You're sitting on a piece of plastic, with some padding around the sides of the cages (and believe me, you'll need those padding!). The ride finally started up, as my cage began to rise into the sky. For the first minute or so of the ride, the cage just rocked side to side while following the actions of the wheel. When the ride started to slow down, all I could think of was "was that it?!" as I faced the sky. But little did I know, I was only halfway through the cycle of the beastly machine. As the ride started to start up again, my cage tilted so that I was facing the ground, the wheel then rotated making me rush towards the ground face first. Immediately after this I was pounded with a flips upside down! I had no choice but to hold onto the grab bar as tight as possible. You do come out of your seat, and sometimes hit the the top of the cage with your head! At this moment I had no idea where I was, since I did grey out for a slight second. I was thrown around the cage like a rag doll while my cage furiously rotated. After a minute or so of this madness, the ride finally came to a complete stop. So is it worth riding? If it means driving 3 hours to get to sydney, do it. Because this is one hell of a ride! Although you do get beaten up more than Thunderbolt, this is hands down the best carnival type ride I have ever ridden. Go ride it! After this, my borther and I took a ride on the lame and slow dodgem cars, then took a few pics of all the other little rides. I noticed there was one of those lame looking ghost trains, and a couple we're boarding the ride. They went through the typical "terror doors", into darkness. I then heard a couple of laughs, and 10 seconds later, they came back out the other door. Best. Ghost train. Ever. LOL! I have edited a 1:47 video of the turbo, along to the song "Bring Me to Life". I actually don't like the song, it just goes well with the video! The video is 7mb. Please leave any comments you may have about the video. Also, here are some pictures I took today of the "carnival". Enjoy! Video of Turbo 150104-Turbo1.jpg150104-Turbo2.jpg150104-simulator.jpg150104-ghosttrain.jpg150104-kid1.jpg For those who want un-edited footage of the turbo, please PM me. Thanks for reading, Liam

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