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This new/ old topic was not started on a whim. I have had approval from a very nice Moderator. So lets begin. Batman Adventure: The Ride was opened to the public in 1992, or 1993. Please correct my if I am wrong. The Ride had a successful run in its original format until about 2001, then it was revamped into the #2 I have some video's on my youtube page which are originally german, but have been translated with english subtitles. That way, new comers can understand the storyline. If anyone has any ideas or stories, post em' up! :) I plan to add more to this post. Thanks, and If anyone has negative things to say about this ride or topic in particular. Please do not post, we don't need arguments. -Spencer The title for the Marquee read: The Bat, The Cat, The Penguin. The Ride Which was I believe under a large Batman Returns style Bat logo.

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I always loved the pre ride thing.. you guys are all probably sick of it but i loved it as a kid and still do... robotic batman could be redone i think.. and maybe some new stuff brought in.. or alternate routes like titanic "ride" lol at fox studios sydney to help with queue times etc i really hate the new story thing.. even at sega world sydney they used to change their motion rollercoaster thing every few months or whatever it kept it fresh and sometimes i think they brought back the fav storys.. the layout was even better 2 to a machine thing of 2 chairs that moved like the batman thing with a huge screen in front of you and didnt feel so squishy and claustraphobic lol

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