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Austrialia's first Tantrum Alley

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Taken from the Proslide website:

GREENSBOROUGH RALC GREENSBOROUGH/AUSTRALIA Greensborough will have a tough decision to make…… Do they try out the daring TantrumALLEY™ first, or go with the 2-man PIPEline™ that blasts riders through back-to-back curves in enclosed tunnels! The Greensborough Recreation & Leisure Center is adding two of the Hottest Water Rides on the planet for their 2011 season! You’ve got twice the fun, twice the thrills & twice the intensity with the TantrumALLEY™. From the exhilaration of the high speed in-run, to the heights of the breathtaking funnel, to the 4- man CLOVERleaf™ face-to-face tubing, everything about this ride literally screams excitement! The ProSlide PIPEline™ is a classic thriller with all the ingredients of a healthy scream. Riders on 2-Man tubes will be drenched beneath flowing water curtains and feel like they are grabbing a little air on breathtaking dips. They will blast through enclosed tunnels and soar to the top of banked 180º and 360º curves. We’ve turned up the thrills on both rides with a high performance design that will challenge every guest to ride again and again. To out when you can ride the brand new ProSlide TantrumALLEY™ and ProSlide PIPEline™ at Greensborough RALC go to: www.banyule.vic.gov.au now!
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^Good find. Seems as if most new aquatic centers in Victoria are getting water park style slides these days. Pretty funny though that a government run project is likely going to get a Tantrum up and running before any other of the Australian parks (WWW, Adv. Waters, Jamberoo too I think?) that have these things on the drawing board. Anyhow, when I'm in Melbourne in the future it gives me an excuse to do another "obscure trip to an outer suburban swim centre to ride a type of slide I previously haven't"....

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