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^Well done, you made a joke about superheros wearing tight underwear on the outside. Like anybody hasn't heard that one before :rolleyes: Also, please write in English, and not Engrish.

Well if his there #1, They not trying very hard.
Translation: Well, if he's their #1, They're not trying very hard. As for the topic at hand, I remember something being posted on here at one point that DC only allows live action Superman live characters to be depicted as flying, and not just walking around (MW did have a Superman character in the past, and he flew on a wire over Main Street)....I don't know if there is any truth to this theory though, but it could explain why the Six Flags parks don't have Superman live characters either.
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Umm maybe because they finally figured out that Superman is gay. Like seriously, Someone who wears bright blue, has bright red underpants on the outside is not trying to attract attention to himself at the local gay pride parade in his neighborhood. :lol:
Whitsy seems to have some sort of weird fascination with all things "gay". Strange that.
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Gazza, there was a wire at some stage hanging down Main Street, but this was roughly seven years ago. The parade used to be a fun, interactive form of show and, I never saw Superman, but, Batman used to be attached to a wire a fly over the audience, chasing ghosts on scooters and skateboards who held Daphne hostage. And the story went on...

Whitsy seems to have some sort of weird fascination with all things "gay". Strange that.
Maybe whitsy is a little 8 year old child who believes that everything they don't like is 'gay' or 'retarded'. Or he's just as you mentioned, I can figure. This'll probably the fourth time I've said it but, no offence. Edited by lylefart
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