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Queues Changed

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Whilst reading the old topics. I found a link to the Sanderson Group Webpage and then read the Dreamworld Queue articles. I have found that the website is very out-dated and had information about the old TOT, Cyclone and GD queues. I have always known that TOT que lines have been changed for a fairly long time, and that Cyclone was changed 2-4 years ago. But I had never spared a thought about the about it really, and I also want to know why they changed GD as well. So here are my questions:

  • Why were the queues changed in firstplace?
  • When did they change the queues?
  • Is there a possibility that TOT's queues will be fixed along with the actual ride experience?

Please answer these questions or just give some info. Sorry that I was spelling queues wrong, I know how to spell the word, just rushing text. This is generally why most of my threads and posts are edited.

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Firstly ques isn't a word - it is spelt queues. To have a look at the photos visit Sanderson Group's website and click on completed projects. I'm not quite sure about the Giant Drop so I will leave it to others to answer. Tower of Terror changed its queue when it changed its entrance in 2002 when Nick Central was built. Originally the entrance was on the opposite side of the launch track. When they shifted the entrance, they also needed to shift the queue a lot of themeing was lost. As for the upgrade, I'd hope that if the park is going to the effort of the upgrade, they would return the ride to it's former state. Cyclone queue was modified around the same time WhiteWater World opened next door in 2006. The queue originally spiralled on the inside (where you now exit or enter with a Q4U I believe). On the outside spiral you'll notice various advertising banners promoting the upgrade to a World Pass to get access to WhiteWater World. Purely a marketing decision. Edit: I just noticed this topic from last year that you may be interested in: Old Dreamworld queues/theming.

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