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Warner Bros. Movie World, May 2010

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Headed to Movie World today for the first time since space shot and the new roof. Although the weather was a little dodgy it was still a good day. Arrived a bit after 12 and the park was relatively empty. First of all park operations were good, most were a walk on or 5 minute wait. Rode Batwing, Superman X 2, Scooby, LW and saw Hollywood Stunt Driver. Scooby Doo was good all animatronics were working and lasers as well. The only downfall a lack of fog in the main room but still fun. All effects in Superman were working even the flood scene but when did they stop using mist out of the show building? Hollywood Stunt Driver is a big big big disappointment. It's the same thing over and over and over again. small on comedy, small on fun. The Police Academy Stunt show at least had a story line, was funny and great stunts. Marty barely saved the show - he was the highlight. It's hard not to compare this show with Lights Motor Action at Hollywood studios at DisneyWorld which I've seen - even though it pretty much is a rip off but at least that show is entertaining. I understand about budgets but surely they can do some 'real' jumps or something. Driving is impressive though but after the first scene I was 'meh'. As for the general atmosphere I was surprised at how much the roof detracts from the park. It really does take away a lot of the feel about main street. It use to feel like a backlot movie set walking along now it feels like a shopping mall. A big shame. I also did not see one character in the park except for Marilyn on her way out for her song. Finally paying for drinks in meal deals as well? dagh. Overall I had fun - 3 hours was enough. Thoughts?

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