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Sea World 2010 (Castaway Bay & Antarctic Penguins)

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Today, these attractions were officially announced and Skeetafly posted some pictures in the WNW thread here. I found this smaller image on SW's website. Unlike the other in the other thread it has a logo in the corner. BattleSails_Logo200x200.jpg

THREE new major attractions have been announced this morning for Gold Coast theme parks as the tourism heavyweights up the ante in a bid to attract more tourists to the city. Village Roadshow Theme Parks today unveiled plans for three new attractions for their theme parks Sea World and Wet'n'Wild Water World for 2010. The new attractions will include a major water attraction AquaLoop for Wet'n'Wild featuring four looping slides opening September, a new interactive adventure zone Castaway Bay at Sea World opening September and an animal exhibit Penguin Encounter at Sea World featuring King and Gentoo Penguins, opening for the Christmas holidays. Sea World marine sciences director Trevor Long said the lastmajor attraction to be built at the park was the roller coaster jet rescue ride and the last major animal exhibit was Shark bay. ``I would like to think this will increase our attendance,'' Mr Long said. Castaway Bay Castaway Bay will be an amazing multi-million dollar adventure precinct, opening in time for the September school holidays this year. This new $6 Million family attraction will cater to kids and adults of all ages and feature an amazing brand new themed ride and fun filled areas that the whole family can enjoy. FACTS Castaway Bay features 3 major elements; Battle sails (boat ride): 8 boats, shipwreck theme Sky fortress (tree house): includes 5 different levels, rope bridges and tunnels Sky climb (ropes course): 12m high, featuring unstable rope bridges and obstacles Penguin Encounter Sea World's new exhibit will feature an amazing frozen world which will be home to the world's second largest penguin species, the King penguin, as well as the agile Gentoo penguin, with its distinctive bright red bill and long tail. The spectacular new exhibit will feature icy rock formations and a crystal clear pool, with both elevated and underwater viewing areas. FACTS Penguin species: King & Gentoo Number of birds: up to 36 birds Exhibit land size: 90 Sqm Exhibit pool volume: 220,000 L Exhibit temperature: -1C to +5C (air temperature); 5C to 9C (water temperature) Exhibit features: Underwater and topside viewing + up to 5 tonnes of snow
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Wow, triple post ... is anyone else interested? Going past on Thursday I saw what looked like a crane at the water park from across the Broadwater. I'm guessing vertical construction has started by now. It will be interesting to see how the attractions will interact with each other.

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It looks like there is a huge bit of theming on the far left you cant see since its right on the edge of the photo. Granted there is that big space in the middle...perhaps some boats could be floated in that space or something? Otherwhise, I think this looks really well done overall. Quite a high level of detail and finish, and its going to take on a different appearance when you're down on ground level and the boats are moving about etc... And I quite like the way the toilet block has been redone actually.

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Does anyone know the cost to play is yet?
Surely this will be included in the price of admission!!! If this is an upcharge attraction then it would be a travesty!!! I had assumed that it would be included with the entrance fee , but your question raises concerns. Can anyone confirm or deny?? Cheers Jobe
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