Recap of my visit to Movie World and Sea World

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I went to Movie World and Sea World yesterday. I would say that Movie World is still my favourite WVTP park, with Sea World looking worse and worse each time I go. Movie World: Main Street: - The 3D theatre paint is starting to peel (around the top) - The bubble machines look awful; you can see the internal roofing from the street! - Shrek shop is still open/DC Comics shop has its merchandise in boxes (most likely something to do with the DC Comics celebrations) - Otherwise looks good (besides a few speaker panels needing to be replaced) Scooby Doo: - First set of automatic doors (where you exit the load station) were not working - Few of the knights that lean forward were not working - A lot of wear and tear on the themeing - Fog was present, but not in the final room - The light in the queue line has still not been fixed; it's hanging down and the whole body/cords are exposed (above one of the doors to the exit station/fire hose reel) [not a huge deal, but it wouldn't be hard to fix and it has been months since I first noticed it...] Wild West: - Looked surprisingly good. Would like to have some of the themeing repainted/fixed though Hollywood Stunt Driver: - Was a good show, the bricks were even put back up - However, the final fire effect looks like it's taking its toll on the buildings' themeing Batwing: - Why isn't the mist working? --------- Sea World: Sea Viper: - This ride now SUCKS! It's rough and NOT fun to ride - Cannot put one of my hands in the air... - Was parking always so bad? It now parks like the Cyclone Jet Rescue: - AWESOME, as always... but I wish some thought was put into the themeing BT: - Should be closed down. I don't care if it's for a new ride or for a huge rehab, but it cannot continue to operate in its current form And the new game building looks awful! Seriously, why didn't they just theme them so they don't look temporary...

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