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Andy's Gold Coast TR Part 3 (Robina)

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Day Four Today was the girls' first performance of the trip. They were dancing @ Robina Town Centre. They previously danced there two years ago, and the Town Centre loved them so much, they invited them back to dance again. So the day started at an early 8am. *Yawnage*. I wasn't looking forward to going to Robina, so I asked if I could stay home. They said I could, so I did. My mum and Allyson left early to get ready for the performance and shop, etc. I stayed home, and My Dad was going to Robina later to join them. But during the day, I figured staying home alone would be the boringest thing ever, so I decided to go to Robina. We arrived at 12pm, just in time for the performance. Some rain came just before it started, making it delayed for 20 minutes, but as soon as it stopped, the music turned on, and bright, colourful dresses filled the stage. 10 minutes later... After the show, the rain kept coming and going, and coming and going. My sisters costume was a tad bit wet from the rain they danced in, but that didn't matter, because the second show was canceled due to the rain. Oh well, at least it gave more time for shopping and wondering around. Well at about 3pm, we decided to leave. Me and my dad walked to the carpark and drove back home... While my mum and sister waited for the dancing coach to pick them up at the Town Centre @ 3:30pm. I got some neat clothes and a new wallet as well!! :) Tonight was something I havn't done before. The Laserhunt @ TimeZone. It was so exciting for me for some reason. For the night my family and Andrew's family got together and dined out at a restaurant in Cavill Avenue. Although the food sounded disgusting on the menu, it was really good apparently says my mum. (Me and Andrew had Mcdonalds/KFC). We were hanging around til 7:30pm when the group had to meet for Laserhunt. When it hit 7:25, we headed for TimeZone, I mean I headed for TimeZone because no one else wanted to do Laserhunt. I met up with Christine, a 19 year old dancer, and we went to find the others, but they ended up being lost on the other side of TZ. We grabbed them and entered the LH foyer. We alll sat upon the giant steps, giving our 5 bucks to the dancing teacher to pay for us. She split us in two groups, and mine was the first to enter. I put on laser pack named "Phantom", which was in a very bad condition. Aleesha got one called "Superman" and started dancing around the room pretending she was Superman. Don't mind her, she's a bit weird lol. When we entered the "maze", Aleesha, Kristy and I teamed up, even though we weren't on the same team. Aleesha somehow ran off, so I was stuck with Kristy most of the time. We 0wn3d! Then we decided to go off on ourselves, then I met my sister in there. We also teamed and tried to track down Charles, a dancer's brother who flogged everyone in this game. Even though, we were very unsuccessful, we at least tried! ^_^ Further down the path, I met Aleesha, and Allyson walked off. Aleesha and I teamed, and then Kristy came out of no where and shot Aleesha and me. Aleesha ran off, and Kristy and I teamed, again. Charles came round the corner then, we ran to "Our spot". Kristy pushed me out of the way, and my backpack thingy cracked open, and my whole laser thing shutdown. We went back outside to the old slob reception man who fixed my backpack, and got it working again. Back into the maze we went. Then like 2 minutes later, time ran out, the music turned off, all lighting effects gone. It was time to get out. We came out, gave back our laser-packs, and saw our scores. Charles came first, of course, and I came 5th, lol. Not bad, but there were 11-12 people with us. :) We sat on the huge steps again, and the other group went inside. Allyson and I went and bought some drinks, because it was like the place wasn't air conditioned. We bought some frozen cokes from the shop near the bowling alley. I noticed my mum, dad, sherrie, steve, andrew, andrew's auntie, sister, grandmother, uncle and two cousins were playing a game of bowling. We went to visit them for 5 seconds, then we left, hehe. We went back to the Laserhunt bit, said bye to Aleesha, Kristy, Rebecca (Nightshifter's sister), etc and we left. I went back home with my family and Andrews family. Allyson and the elder dancers stayed at Surfers til 11ish. I was heaps tired. We went back to the hotel, had a few drinks of coke, etc, and we went over to Sherrie's appartment and had some food. When I got heaps tired, I went to bed, trying to get an early night for what was coming up tomorrow... Dreamworld. Zzzzzzz. Note: I'll do Dreamworld tomorro, since it is almost 10:30 and I have to go to bed because school is starting tomorrow.. *yippee*.. :(

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