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Hey Guys, I'm new here so if this is in the wrong spot or what ever just let me know. Im really keen to my project for movie world underway. I know other people have given it a go but im really keen to get it spot on even it takes a few years. I have some great ideas for the stunt show on to even have the cars moving! I suck at building custom cars and scenery. Is there anyone that is good at building CS and Custom Track Ride Cars. I am going to start on the stunt show so if anyone wants to help with custom scenery and the cars. I need the lancer ( 4174885183_527b0b4368.jpg) and the police cars ( stunt01.jpg) i need these for the Car track. It would be hugely appreciated if someone knows how to build custom track rides because i'd love a Car track that could go faster. So to sum it up i would need -Lancer -Police Car -Scenery -Custom Car Track (Maybe) I will start the basic out line of the park and try to get a reasonable idea of everything today.

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I really don't understand why people go to extreme lengths to 'copy' a park in RCT3. It takes a lot of time and effort for an end result that is never any good. RCT3 simply doesn't offer the amount of freedom that you'd need to do a park like Movie World. If you really want to design a park, choose a 3D modeling program like Sketchup. That's what I did.

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As long as you take this project seriously and try to get it highly detailed. I will be able to help you, with the custom scenery, or some CTRs, but for the HSD cars you have your best chance looking on, these websites They are websites, for RCT3. Just remember that I will only help as long as you take care and make it the best recreation possible.

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