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Photo upload guidelines.

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I wish we didn't have to give reminders like this, but please read the upload guidelines before submitting photos for the galleries: http://www.parkz.com.au/photos/submit.html Just this evening we've had someone try to submit a bunch of photos copied and pasted from the GC Bulletin website: post-88-1285665702_thumb.jpg http://tools.goldcoast.com.au/photo-galler...35&offset=2 Obviously, we can only accept photos taken by you. Also, we're after quality photos at least 1000 pixels wide. Blurry photos taken on a phone camera just don't cut it for inclusion in the galleries. Nor do tiny postage stamp sized pics that we often see people attempt to submit.

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I know I'm not a mod, but when submitting photos try not to have typos and grammatical errors when adding descriptions. I would think correct tagging would also be good (tag it with AquaLoop not Aqua Racer).

After Twister & Speed Coaster had finished. At Wet n Wild It,s only The super 8 aqua racer And the new ried Aqualoop
It seams ... silde ...
Aqusloop ...
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It's now integrated into our Park/Ride database. Basically all you have to do is browse to the park or ride you want to add photos of using our search system (e.g. Wipeout), click the Add Photos button on the right, and then drag and drop as many photos as you want to the "Drop files" box that appears. Add comments, edit tags as needed and they submit for approval.

If you get stuck, let us know. The new system is only a couple of weeks old so we're yet to put together any guidelines etc.

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I'm uploading quiet a few photos, can you make sure the Superman ones I just put through worked properly? I edited the first photo but I don't think I could edit the others.

EDIT: I see where I went wrong. Didn't scroll :rolleyes:

You'll get a few Superman photos without any details...

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