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Round One is over! We had 4 responses to the first challenge and there were some awesome ideas.  It's now up to members to decide how the points stand. Please read the submissions before voting in the Week 1 thread. Please post your challenge 2 submissions here! Remember, anyone can submit this round and earn points towards the title of Parkz Creative Genius. The competition is still young and it's never to late to get involved Challenge Two Please limit response to one post. Halloween has come and gone for another year. Movieworld are already thinking about the 2011 event.  Here's your challenge.   Design a brand new attraction specifically for Fright Night at Movieworld. Your attraction can be a scary maze/walkthrough, a show, or exhibit. The attraction is temporary for Fright Nights so make sure it can be assembled and disassembled easily. You can base your attraction on a movie/s or create something never seen before! If you are using a movie franchise it cannot be a franchise already used by Movieworld. Your attraction must have A name A detailed description of the attraction You may include photos if you wish Deadline for submissions is Saturday at midnight. Anyone can compete, just limit your submission to one post. Forum members will then vote, and points will be awarded. Good Luck!

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I have a great idea, but since I'm pitching it for real I'm gonna stay out of this competition but want to give some advice for competitors... Be very budget concious, make sure your idea is affordable. In case you don't know these attractions are usually built from ply wood and foam entirely, so keep that in mind. And as much as the park as possible has to function during the day for regular guests. Good luck!

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Ride! My idea is a Halloween makeover for Wild West Falls, to theme it Texas Chainsaw Massacre. On Fright Nights, Wild West Falls sees a lot of it's capacity go to waste. My idea would see the ride get a new lease on life over these nights. Read on for a basic outline of the attraction: The overlay would begin in the queues. The queue TV's would show a news report about the Chainsaw killer being on the move in the northwest of Texas, and be reporting that people in the area of the abandoned Rio Bravo mine (where you are) are being evacuated by boat by police. Sure enough, when you get to the station the ride ops are dressed as Police, and are directing guests down the river to evacuate, warning guests that he may have accomplices and to keep arms legs inside their boats. Out of the station, the town is lit blue, and a Police siren can very faintly be heard in the distance. The erie silence would be abruptly disrupted by an actor playing a victim, who would loudly emerge from a building and die on the banks of the river. At the top of the first lift hill would be your first encounter with the chainsaw massacre man himself. He would stand in front of the boat and taunt riders, before they fall backwards into the pitch black. When they emerge outside guests would find the whole middle portion of the ride dimly lit in an erie blue, but smoke would limit the vision of riders to just a few meters in front of them. Live actors would jump out of the darkness with chainsaws and scare passing boats. The second lift hill would be pitch black. Sounds of chainsaws and screams would be the main feature here. About quarter way up the lift a live actor would scare guests with a loud scream, and be lit up and revealed as a mutilated victim, who would of course warn of the dangers that lurk ahead. At the top, would be the final encounter, before splashing down and ending the ride. Ride ops (dressed as police) would tell you they have him cornered, and that guests are safe to continue their night. Admittedly, the above is incredibly rough, and to be honest is really an outline only. I haven't really gone into sound or lighting in much detail, nor where the actors would be placed, or a further idea that the actors be able to communicate with each other to get the best scares out of each boat. Nor the use of the movie's theme song, which is simply brilliant. In general, I feel there are people within the company who are better placed than me to control the separate elements, and I'd be more than confident leaving these in their capable hands. There however a few major reasons behind why I think this would broadly be a good idea. Firstly New Line Cinema, who produced Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now owned by Warner Brothers, so thematically it's a good fit for the park. In theory at least, this should also mean the rights should be fairly easy to obtain. It's also incredibly cheap. Realistically, it only really requires 5 or 6 actors to achieve everything outlined above, and a permanent lighting install on the ride is something which should happen anyway. The money you spend doing up the ride nice and Erie for Halloween will more than pay itself back over time when you no longer have to hire in an outside company to light it for special events. The other big change is to the ride's AV system, which would present a few challenges, but on the whole I think would be affordable and worth the effort. Wild West Falls is also in my experience, just about deserted over Halloween, and with the park so busy, it seems wasteful to see so much capacity go unused. Having an overlay such as this would drive ridership, and see some of that unused capacity go to good use. The Final reason I believe this would work is because, oddly enough, having actors in and around the ride is doable under existing operations procedures (as far as I'm aware, though this may have changed since my days there. I'm also unsure as to the exact rules regarding the turntables, though the stairs by the lift hill shouldn't be a problem). I would of course suggest that actors are harnessed under their costumes, and are given a lanyard which would prevent them entering the ride envelope, which used to be around 1 meter from the channel. I don't think this would present any problems as far as the ride experience is concerned, because by the time you include props and the element of surprise, that meter is hardly an issue and is 100% safe for staff and guests. So there it is, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the ride! New for Halloween Fright Nights 2011!

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^ That does sound pretty cool. My only concern is the restricted operating hours of WWF (until 9pm). If something like this was to happen I'd hope MW would get extended operating hours for the ride (until 11pm). Edit: My idea... This is a broad idea - more of an overall plan if you will. Basically I'd like to see a maze come back in the Lethal Weapon alley and a Terror Tram added similar to Universal Studios Hollywood's (USH) one (

) in addition to this year's attractions. post-2117-1289526317.png Located in the Lethal Weapon alley would be The Gauntlet. Basically this would be a maze of 1m wide corridors which would zig zag along the alley. There would be dead ends, and lots of places for actors to hide in throughout. Using satellite imagery I've calculated that the alley varies from about 2 to 3m wide which would allow for the main path to double back on itself at some points. I'd design it with a couple of loops in addition to a 'C' shaped path down the pathway to Scooby Doo before it starts an almost never ending zig zag with no actors. I believe this would speed people up because they think they know what's happening. At the end of the alley, after the last zig zag, guests would come to a larger room with a few actors hidden on the sides. Once the whole group has entered this room, strobe lights would start up and the actors would quickly approach the group. On the far side of the room is the exit to the maze. The whole maze would be filled with as much smoke as possible and would feature a fast-paced audio soundtrack. post-2117-1289526404.png Working on the basis of a Sudden Impact sized tent, I've found a possible location for a maze in the studio lot. Guests would board one of the Paradise Country trams departing from near Superman Escape (as they did with Narnia last summer). To increase capacity two (or more, if available) trams would be used. The tram would navigate through the studios before stopping at the location of the maze. Similar to USH, a few actors with chainsaws greet the guests upon their arrival. The guests then enter the maze with an entrance in the rough centre of the tent. While the guests are navigating through the maze the tram is taken to the back side of the maze's tent to pick the guests up upon exit. Depending on the studios at the time (how busy etc.), a couple of actors could be placed along the route. I haven't decided as to what would be in the maze, or what it would be themed to. post-2117-1289524542_thumb.png Edited by themeparkgc
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Just before I begin with this idea let me just make some things clear, I have drawn (not very well) the layout of the maze. I don't have a scanner currently so I had to take photos of my drawing. I have labelled each area of the maze with a number (in order of how you walk through it) and there is a Pre and End section to the maze. I will pretty much give you a walkthrough of the maze going from number 1,2,3 etc. I have drawn "doors" which you would normally find when looking at the plan of a house or something like that, these are either small trap doors in which scare actors can pop out of or a window they jump through. The red arrows are where you go from one section to the next through a curtain or something like that. Now that that's done lets get to the maze :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HalloweenMze-1.jpg Halloween The Maze "You'll wish you never came" Screenshot2010-11-12at10020PM.png The maze will basically be located in the same place as Saw (replacing it). photo-1.jpg Pre: This section will simply be where someone wearing a janitor uniform sorts tell you to keep your hands on your shoulders, you will have been organized into groups of 8 outside in the queue. Area 1: This is a cell which you would find from a mental asylum, it is very dark and eery and quiet, there is a bed in the corner and a sink. There is a dead janitor lying on the floor with blood around him and knife slits in his back. As the group is watching the dead person and walking towards the exit, a security guard pops out of a trap door and starts screaming at everyone from behind that "he's escaped!, he's coming for us!" Area 2: After leaving the first area shocked you turn the corner and you are looking down a long hallway of a mental asylum. The lights above are flickering and the end is very dark. Beside you there are steel doors and it becomes obvious your walking through the hallway of a mental asylum and beside you are the cells. Everyone knows something will pop out from beside these doors so they walk slowly. There are two doors on the right and left, the same actor from area 1 can bang on one of these doors. Then on the right side there is and actor who is a mental patient who is all bloodied and he pops out from one of the two doors and screams "Michaels out, he escaped, run!!!" Area 3: This room has a strobe light and lots of smoke, there are dead bodys hanging in body bags from the roof, everyone wades through this are quite slowly and once they reach the middle Michael pops out from a trap door at the starting end of the room, scaring everyone from behind. This will make them run into section 4 of the maze. Area 4: This area is just zigzagging with the Michael Myers theme song playing (if you haven't heard it look it up!). Obviously this is building suspense, nothing happens though. Area 5: This is a room which almost looks like a garage, there is a table in the middle of the room and several boxes blocking your path so you can't walk around the other side of it. On the table there is a dead body lying head first with cuts in his back (a topless man). Then when most of the group is around the table, Michael pops out from a trap door yelling with a knife and he starts chopping into the man in the middle of the table, then he looks up and starts walking toward the group with the knife. Area 6: Now you are in another hallway, it is a suburban house hallway with doors two doors on the left and two on the right (although only one is used as a trap door and the other is open for people to walk into the next area). At the end of the hallway there is also another door. As you walk in, the same Michael from the other room pops out on the right yelling "Leave... Me... Alone!!". As he retreats back into the "room" a screaming woman who is blooded and has torn clothes comes running from the door at the end of the hallway screaming "Get out, get out!" she runs past everyone back into the room from before (she can simply walk back to where she came from after). Area 7: This area is an attic, the only light is that at a desk at the end of the room. Sitting at the desk is Michael hunched over seemingly cutting at something on the desk. He doesn't act as if anyone has entered the room. The door to leave the room is right next to Michael, so the group must slowly edge toward him knowing hes going to turn around and scare them. But he waits and waits, and at the last minute of course he gets up and runs at them with the knife. End Area: This are is a backyard area, there is a lot of smoke and a blinding light at the exit so you literally can't see anything. There are a few bushes around where you walk and behind one of them Michael is hiding and he chases you out of the maze. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ That was a lot of writing! I hope you enjoy it

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