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Round Two has come and gone. First the Leaderboard 1st. Gazza (4pts) 2nd. Pin142 (3pts) 3rd. Joz (2pts) 3rd. Isica8 (2pts) There were some really really good ideas for Fright Nights and i wouldnt be surprised if MW took them on board!!!  Once again. It's now up to members to decide how the points stand. Please read the submissions before voting. Please post your challenge 3 submissions here! Remember, anyone can submit this round and earn points towards the title of Parkz Creative Genius Challenge Three Please limit response to one post. The Looney Tunes Riverride is closing! Here's your challenge.   Design a new family friendly attraction or attractions to fit into the Looney Tunes River ride Soundstage footprint. You can gut the building, bulldoze the whole thing or use the current Riverride layout. The attraction/s must be themed in some way to the Looney Tunes. Your attraction/s also must have A name A detailed description of the attraction/s You may include photos if you wish Deadline for submissions is Saturday at midnight. Anyone can compete, just limit your submission to one post. Forum members will then vote, and points will be awarded. Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Ok my ride for week 3 is called LOONEY TUNES A HISTORY IN THE MAKING I want to keep the rides layout the same as well as the pre ride stuff. But I will change the story line to be like a tour of the whole sound stage and how every thing was made. Ok when you come to the doors at the end of the line you will all get into the room where all the characters are on the walls then to the other rooms before getting in the earth drill the ride host will tell them “All right guys you are about to get into a working model of the earth drill this will take us to the bottom of the sound stage where the tour begins” on the screens at the time they will just see the different floors of the sound stage. Then they get into the boats that take then around seeing all the different offices and sets. There will also be a tour guide on the speakers that are on the whole ride. They will see the road runner set and a lot of other things. Before they get to the big water fall at the end. So that’s my pitch

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Mine would be a sound stage ride very very similar to yours Lscia8, but at the end there would be a large playground type area where kids can control lights, fog, bubbles etc along with animatronics too they can see how the ride was created. So that's mine :D

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Rabbit Fire! My ride is named after one of the most famous Looney Tunes shorts of all time, 'Rabbit Fire, which contains the classic "Rabbit Season! Duck Season!' fight between Bugs and Daffy. The queue line theming sets up the basic story: It's rabbit season, and you're hunting with 'Elmer Fudd hunting tours' (with the slogan 'Be very very quiet, we're Hunting rabbits!'). The ride itself is a shooting dark ride, and the targets are small 2D Rabbit and Duck pictures, placed around elaborate 3D sets, inspired from the short. Not far out of the station, Bugs Bunny appears and declares it to be 'Duck Season', and now riders must hit the duck targets. Daffy changes this back to Rabbit season, and on it goes for the rest of the ride. As the battle between the two continues, you travel through other famous WB cartoons: you go into granny's house seeing Tweety and Sylvester, past Foghorn's barn, up the highways into a Road Runner cartoon, into the middle of the wild west, home of Yosemite Sam, and finally to Mars, where Marvin the Martian recognises Daffy as Duck Dodgers, and blasts everyone back to Earth. As with my last entry the particulars aren't overly important, I'm not a storyboard artist or writer. What's important here are the broad details: The ride is a shooting dark ride based on the famous 'Duck season! Rabbit season' exchange. It's the sort of ride system MW should install to fill the need for rides that the family can do together. As it currently stands, there are literally no rides that all members of the family can go on together at Movieworld. For a theme park that targets families, that's extraordinary omission, and one that I think urgently needs rectification. Not only would a shooting dark ride be access able to everyone, but all members of the family would actually WANT to ride it. They also tend to be re-rideable, so the ride would retain it's popularity relatively well despite the fact that the characters are pretty old school these days. So there it is, Rabbit Fire, opening September 2011 at MW :)

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