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Parks Creative Genius - "Game over man! Game over!"

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Hi all, Thanks to everyone who participated in Creative Genius. It has been a lot of fun reading submissions and one day we might see somethings taken on board by the parks. As there were no entries this week (and entries have been declining week2week) I have decided to end the competition. The final leaderboard 1st. themeparkgc (10pts) 1st. Gazza (10pts) 3rd. Joz (8pts) 4th. Ihatemisssly (7pts) 5th. Isica8 (4pts) 6th. Pin142 (3pts) 6th. ads08 (3pts) 8th. jakeman398 (2pts) 8th bmull19 (2pts) 10th. linus1995 (1pt) 10th. Jjuttp (1pt) As I said earlier, was good to read all the submissions. Congrats to tpg an gaz for topping the leaderboard. Nate

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^ Damn, and I was looking forward to the water park round too. Also the nighttime spectacular round, and the new themed area for SW round. Incidentally, if time hadn't beaten me, my entry for this week would have been an area themed exclusively to the current batman movie series. The idea would be to remove all traces of the Tim Burton Batman, Batman Beyond and Batman Comics from the park, to be replaced exclusively with the current Nolan Batman. The land itself would be built on some of the swamp, and the studio admin buildings (which IMHO should be moved away from the park) and would have included a new Batman Simulator (hardware permitting), new Batman thrill ride, Stunt show and retail area. Also included would be 'float friendly' back of house access to accommodate one way parades at Movieworld, and a spare plot of offstage land ready to be turned into an Arkham Asylum maze for Halloween, and an area designed to accommodate the White Xmas "Ice" skating, to relieve pressure on Main Street. Sad to see it end, but fair call. If you feel the desire to bring this back, I (and I suspect the other staff) support you. I had fun giving my ideas for the competition, and commend both winners for their great ideas :)

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