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Creating Space at Movieworld

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Hi all, An issue that is often bought up here in the forums is Movieworld's lack of space to grow. With housing directly behind, and studios next door, there really isn't much space left for Movieworld to expand. So, after a brain wave this afternoon - I give you my solution for Movieworld's space problems. I havn't really thought this through yet, so there might be a few bugs that im sure you guys will pick up on so have at it @ 1. The access road behind the Western area is built underground. 2. Shops and facades are moved back on top of the access road (which opens up the west a little more) 3. Relocate the village kids rides to the Wild West ghost town - Retheme the ghost town to the village 4. Reclaim the space from the villaige and turn it into a brand new area, rebranding Road Runner and using the space from the river ride. I have some pics here of what the new areas would look like - please excuse the really bad paint jobs on these. pic 1 - NEW Land space pic 2 - Wild West present day pic 3 - Looney tunes present day pic 4 - NEW Wild West and Village area pic 5 - NEW park themed lands - red - western purple - village blue - new land






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My solution: post-224-1296641209_thumb.jpg Convert the section of carpark spraypainted orange into a multi-level complex. Here we also have a potential for revenue raising - should the Gold Coast Light Rail service have a station near to Movieworld, they could make this a paid parking station, but validate guests parking tickets/tokens before they leave so guests can park free while commuters pay. I would then use the new section of what is now old carpark as new space for the park. There'd be no need to move the admin building, it would just need a new driveway built. The only building that would be affected from what I can see is the one on the corner on your right as you enter Loony Tunes Village - I would remove it so the walkway to the new area can be sufficiently wide enough.

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Or you could fill the lake and build over it. Or you could expand around the lake without filling it. This was going to be my idea for the Parkz Creative Genius challenge but I never got a chance to think it all out. It was going to be a separate themed area. I'd move the queue for Batwing around the other side so that the current Batman area could be rethemed.

  1. New queue for Batwing
  2. Themed restaurant
  3. Flying roller coaster station (coaster would have a couple of horseshoes, pretzel loop, 2 corkscrews and a couple of helices)
  4. New indoor ride
  5. Shop
  6. Shop
  7. Shop
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I doubt the first idea would happen. Our parks don't have big budgets, and I think they would rather spend money on a new attraction to draw guests in. It would also end up closing two major sections of the park to construct, and Movie World isn't that big already. I like themeparkgc's idea with the roller coaster around the lake. If they were going to implement a pre-show like Superman Escape; they could remove the Batman Adventure ride and use the space it took up for it. Lets hope they do make room though, with any idea. This parks attractions list needs to grow - not remain the same. I don't think they have added a new ride without replacing anything since Road Runner in 2000.

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They should make more room near batman so we can have 'one way' parades... while I'm on parades, Movie World is getting into the year of the Wabbit by doing special bugs and lola Chinese new year photo sessions in china town at 10:45 and at the outdoor area next to the legends dinning room at 12:30. They also make this appearance in the parade at 3:30..........

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^another reason why the Looney Tune characters really should play a role in the Park's next new ride.. hmm we shall see On topic, sorry you can't just fill in that Lake. I can tell you for a fact; Way back before land broke on what we know today as the WBMW site, the lake (as it is today) once was a swamp plane that spanded from the Studios, all the way over where the current Theme Park stands to the south perimeter. Today, it is a purpose built diverted system that over time, has developed into it's own little eco system. If this Lake became an area of the Park it would somehow need to fuse with it's landscape.. Far too costly in my opinion, thank fuck for that too

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