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Wooden coaster for dreamworld?

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Do you think Dreamworld can handle the maintenance of a wooden coaster? If one were to spring up, I'd give it three, maybe four years tops before it starts to go from pleasantly rough to painfully rough. Give me almost anything over a wooden coaster, for the sake of everyone five years down the track. :) Don't get me wrong, I'd love a wooden coasters, and I enjoy them more than many steel coasters, but I have doubts that Dreamworld would treat a wooden coaster with the respect and care it does need.

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Having been there quite alot recently the park looks like it really is shaping up etc. Take a look for example the new Gold Rush sign (which looks fantastic might I add) and there has been quite a number of small but impacting updates which I have noticed iver the past few weeks. I think that now the park has a chance of maybe one day owning a "woodie", but they still have to run the whole marathon, not have a breather and stop half way through (metaphore by the way ;) ). But if we were talking one year back from now, I would definitely agree with Richard.

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