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What was that ride called

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Rich, The ride that was there before little monsters was nothing, it's in the middle where there used to be nothing except a little water fountain set out. The occasionally had shows where the ride is now, because there was some tiered seating there. Richard the ride your thinking of that replaced Wizard's Fury is Galleon's Graveyard another ex Hanna Barbera ride. It's the one where the boat swings out and goes around in circles. Here is the ride space where little monsters is Little Monsters and a picture (old) of the Wizards fury Wizard's Fury

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Little Monsters Flying School is located on top of an old set of stairs. Thats why if you go to Batty Chicken, you basically have to walk right around near Galleon's Graveyard or to somewhere near the entrance of Transylvania to go back up the hill to Demon, Space Probe or Zodiac. In later years there was a small fountain there. coasterfreak

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