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What Roller Coaster Are You?!

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A little quiz for you guys that I made on Quizilla. Yes, there aren't many Questions, but the make-your-own-quiz page got really laggy due to a lot of options. :mad: Here it is: --Click Here-- -PS- BTW, I know I havn't done the next TRs for my GC trip. I was too busy with school starting, and everything, so I'll leave it there. I think it is a bit obvious what happens anyway. I mainly separated the days of Dreamworld in some posts, etc. So yeah.. :D Hope I don't get any of you mad.

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Well it can't be too far off the mark because I am TTD and that is probably my ideal coaster. I'm a sucker for smoothness, speed, great launches and huge drops so thats definately the one for me. I also love Intamin Hyper trains. By the way what is BD? Or did you mean BB??

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BD= "The Ride Formerly Known As Big Dipper"   I was TTD as well... I wanted Thunder Dolphin - of the rides on the list, it was the only which actually interests me. I want rides with substance!
Ah, see I was only thinking of current rides :-p I agree on the substance thing, I also love Ghostie, Goliath and Riddlers, DJV is in that list too. I find it hard to pick a fav. because I really do enjoy such a variety of coasters. Was hard to find one I actualy disliked when in the US... However extreme speed and height is really what gets me going, Xcel topped the list for me in a big way because of just how smooth the feeling was. This is why I think TTD is going to be the ride for me...ooo 2005 here we come
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